BeadBuster XB-450

The world's best portable tire bead breaker tool.   Period.

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The KEY to the effectiveness of the BeadBuster is its purpose-built design. Unlike other bead breakers that don't work well, we engineered the BeadBuster to apply a concentrated separation force directly between the lip of the rim and the tire bead.  The padded clamp ensures the tool is in the proper position, and that the ram foot will not slide down the sidewall.  The bead buster feet essentially create a jaws-of-life action against stubborn tire beads...the tire has no choice, it just comes off every time.  The mechanical advantage of the screw thread means that the tremendous force is developed without alot of user effort...the tool does all the work, not you!  LEARN MORE>>>


BeadBuster Advantages:
  • Small, Lightweight, Portable: fits in a toolbox
  • Works on ANY SIZE RIM
  • Can be used anywhere: on the trail, at the races, etc.
  • Can even be used with the wheel on the vehicle                                  (changing valve stems in place)
  • Effortless operation with power tools
  • Works on even the most stubborn beads                                            (even the ones that a tire machine can't handle)
  • Works with: ATV's, Motorcycles, Cars, Trucks, 4x4's,                       Lawn Equipment, Trailers, Go-Karts, Scooters, etc...
Being avid ATV enthusiasts and DIY mechanics, like many of you out there, we have been frustrated with the maniacal difficulty in changing our own ATV tires because of the bead-holding safety ridge on ATV wheels.  And, like many people out there, we have been even more frustrated with the utter lack of effective tools out there to aid in this task.  

Instead of suffering with bloody knuckles or ridiculous dealership service charges, we endeavored to design and build our own tool that does the job properly and efficiently, every time.  It started out for just our own personal use, but after all of our riding buddies kept asking to use our home-made ATV bead breaker...again and again...we decided that we would manufacture these to give all of our fellow riders a helping hand.  After all, you need the right tools to do a job, and there is no better ATV bead breaking tool than the BeadBuster.

Its simple, rugged, small enough to take with you on the trail, and we've designed it to make it affordable for even the casual rider.  Thanks for visiting, and get your own BeadBuster today.  Changing ATV tires will be so much fun, you'll be offering to change your buddy's just because its that easy!

Sincerely, the BeadBuster team

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